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Emotionaly Xenogenic (relating to or involving tissues or cells belonging to individuals of different species)

Performance by Gašper Kunšek and Žigan Kranjčan.

Together they experimented with improvisation, communication, dance, and theatre. They explored their original mixture of Street techniques and Contemporary performance.

Their goal was to create the unexpected, so they committed to improvisation and decided that every performance that they will do, will be different. The new way of working with structured improvisation was exposed. They expanded throughout the world (China, Brasil, Denmark, Slovakia, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Austria,…) and found their own expression: Alien Express.


They exported the idea into a dancing group and Chorus project was made


They expanded the idea into music, light and »Alien EXPress 2nd flight« was made


They share the experience in dance school Urbana Scena Ljubljana.



  • Production award for a dance piece »UNNAMED«, OPUS 2015

  • Award of Ksenja Hribar for a perspective dancers, May 2017

  • 21. FKM Beograd (festival of choreography miniature): 2. place (2017)

  • 21. FKM Beograd (festival of choreography miniature): audience award (2017)

  • Top 16 Juste Debout Final France (Hip Hop), March 2018

  • 10 Sentidos Festival Spain: 1. place, may 2018

  • CICC Copenhagen: 1. place, June 2018

  • Aerowaves Artist


Alien express: Original

Avtorja in izvajalca: Žigan Krajnčan in Gašper Kunšek
Glasba: Kristjan Krajnčan
Oblikovanje svetlobe: LCLights in Borut Bučinel
Fotografija: Borut Bučinel
Mentorstvo: Kaja Lorenci

Producentka: Urška Pleše
Produkcija: Flota, Ljubljana
Koprodukcija: Plesni Teater Ljubljana

Postprodukcija:  Exodos Ljubljana


Podpora: Mestna občina Ljubljana

Alien Express is an alive, always changing performance, or better called: structured improvisation, where the structure is adjusted for every situation/performance anew. It is a method, where the artists and the performance are together growing, learning and trying to reach as high as possible while staying rooted in the ground. The inner condition for a mutual creation is friendship because it has started as a friendship and it is staying a friendship. The basic condition of the performance is a duet, opening the doors for more. 

(The performance can be done only by Gašper Kunšek and Žigan Krajnčan. However, if you would like a better experience, we recommend to do it with a light designer and music. We are also open to hear your suggestions.)

Alien express: Second flight

Ideja, koreografija in izvedba: Gašper Kunšek, Žigan Krajnčan
Glasba in izvedba: DJ SunnySun in Kristijan Krajnčan
Oblikovanje svetlobe, video in fotografija: Borut Bučinel
Dramaturgija: Andreja Kopač
Oblikovanje zvoka: Jure Vlahović
Producentka: Nataša Zavolovšek 

Produkcija: Flota, Ljubljana in Flota, zavod, Murska Sobota. 
Koprodukcija: Kino Šiška , Dijaški dom Ivana Cankarja, Exodos Ljubljana 

S podporo Ministrstva za kulturo RS in Mestne občine Ljubljana.

Zahvala: Dansstationen, Malmö, Dança em Trânsito, Brazilija, in KLAP Maison pour la danse, Marseille.

After a successful first takeoff, the enigmatic movable dual Alien Express on the stage of Kino Šiška in the enhanced musical ensemble of DJ SunnySun, jazzist Kristijan Kranjčan, guerrilla light intervention Borut Bučinel and the sound landscape of Jure Vlahović in March 2019 presented – the 2nd Flight. Among other things, it raises issues of artistic inspiration and creative, vital force. Where does it come from, how it travels, and where it goes? What happens if the unknown force, which at the same time is the engine of our existence, embodies us and does not want to let us down? Do you give it up or control it?


Between the order and the chaos, outside and inside, my and your movements exists with the apocalypse inspired state that questions the edges of our own possibilities and limitations. And the 2nd Flight offers exactly that; clashing forces not only at the level of two bodies and their mutual relations, but also at the level of the theater signs; space, light, sound, and intermediate states between performers and viewers. The key to the diverse, partly spectacular creation is the structured improvisation and sparkling spontaneity of both actors who think each performance as – a new one.

Difference between the original Alien Express and Second flight

Critics on Alien Express:


Parada Plesa

5 Stjerner


Alien Express

The goal is to create the unexpected, to surprise ourselves and the public. It can be performed anywhere. It is an adjustable show which is every time different but doesn't lose its energy or quality. We use stuff that surroundings or theatre can offer. It is referring a lot on Grotowski's poor theatre: using the smallest amount of fixed elements to obtain maximum results through the magical transformation of objects, through the props’ multifunctional ‘acting/dancing’. To create complete worlds using only the things to hand. […] This is a theatre in an embryonic form, in the process of being born, when the awakened instinct of acting/dancing spontaneously selects appropriate tools for a magical transformation. The driving force behind it is certainly a living being, the actor (in our case: the dancer).

Alien Express 2nd Flight

The difference with Alien Express 2nd Flight is that the show is holistic in the dance, music/sound, light, and scenography. With this project, we are going onto a journey of creating the ultimate/perfect show, by our high standards. There is less space for improvisation and more space for scenes and ideas that work. We don't get surprised, but the public does. The show is adjustable only to the extent that it is not being changed in its core, all of its elements have to be expressed fully.

The only similarity in the concept (with Alien Express 1) is that it is growing with every performance. Because of insufficient funds, we can't yet add the following: 

scenographer/scenic artist, Theather Ninja (stagehands), Visual artist, Magician, Costume designer, Running crew, an actor,…

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