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Directors: Žigan Krajnčan, Gašper Kunšek in Jan Krmelj


Movement principles: Žigan Krajnčan in Gašper Kunšek (Alien Express)


Conseptual: Jan Krmelj (DivinaMimesis), Kristijan Krajnčan


Performers and Co-creators: Sara Janašković, Teja Modrijan, Kristýna Šajtošová, Alex Tesch, Gregor Luštek, Kaja Lorenci, Ivan Mijačević, Borut Bučinel, Kristijan Krajnčan, Gašper Kunšek, Žigan Krajnčan


Composer and live music: Kristijan Krajnčan


Light designer: Borut Bučinel


Producers: Nataša Zavolovšek and Mitja Bravhar


Production: Center urbane kulture Kino Šiška


Co-production: Alien Express, Exodos Ljubljana, Dance School Urška  and Urban Roof


Chorus is a winning project of the open call: Cultural Euro 2016.

Chorus project is a collective performance, following a journey of an intimately connected group of seven human beings, who are representing unity through the difference of an individual. Accompanied by the live music of Kristijan Krajncan (drummingcellist) and light design of Borut Bucinel.


The performance has a possibility and it has been designed to become bigger in the number of dancers/actors. If there is a problem of insufficient funds and a wish to bring more than the core of seven performers, we are excited to make the audition in your region for additional dancers/actors.

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"In front of us the great dance group emerged. Everything in the show was related to the title - Chorus. We were watching the choir, that was in front of us breaking it up for two - in the first step and in to the individual pieces - in the next step. The movable material, broken with the movable neurodynamic moment, was deriving from narrative, everyday movements. Individual or duet components a was never at the forefront, but always present. In the foreground it was always a choir! "


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