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ŽIGAN KRAJNČAN (2.10.1995, Kranj, Slovenia) is an initiator, director, choreographer, dancer, performer, actor, dance pedagog, and singer. He started his creative career at a very early age, playing the violin, singing, and being active as an actor. While in high school for contemporary dance (SVSGUGL), he was already working professionally in the fields of theatre, musical and contemporary dance performances. He is also one of the Slovenian pioneers of Freestyle Hip Hop and Popping Culture.

In the last year, he left high school, as the engagement into the professional work and out of school education eventually became a priority, with a decision of acquiring knowledge uniquely and personally.
As a Choreographer/Movement advisor, he worked many times in Slovenian national theatre with renowned directors such as Igor Vuk Torbica, Alexandar Popovski, Stanislav Moša, Gašper Tič, Marjan Nečak, Matjaz Pograjc, Marko Plantan, Jan Krmelj,...

He traveled the world (more than 80 different reprises in America, China, Europe, and still performing) with many times awarded (Ksenja Hribar Award for prospective dancers, CICC Copenhagen: 1. place, 10 Sentidos Festival Spain: 1. place, 21. FKM Beograd: 2. place and audience award, Top 16 Juste Debout Final France,...) improvised dance performance Alien Express (2016), which he is creating and performing together with his friend Gasper Kunsek (director of movement school Urbana Scena). They have already created the development of their work and expanded it with music and light in Alien Express 2nd Flight


In the past four years, Krajnčan directed (7 performances), choreographed (10 pieces in national theatre, contemporary art, and Urban dance performance), danced (in 6 performances internationally and home) and taught (Contemporary dance, Hip Hop, Popping, contact communication and performance in Slovenia, China, Bulgaria, Brasil,...) with the focus of expanding, fusing and pushing the limits of different genres and styles that he is working with.

  • 1st place at the national championship IDO in Popping/Electric Boogie (in years 2011, 2012 and 2013)

  • 2nd place on European championship IDO (Popping/Electric Boogie, 2012)

  • 1nd place Balkan Fury 3, Hip Hop battle (judges: Oomoo, U-Kay) (2012)

  • 1st place Street Fighters Slovenia (in the styles of Popping, Hip Hop, Locking, and All style crew, 2013)

  • Intergenerational Award for a duet, "poet 032", OPUS 2012

  • Best performance award for solo, "ehT yaW", mentor: Gregor Lustek, OPUS 2013

  • 1st place European championship IDO (Popping/Electric Boogie, 2013)

  • Best performer award for solo OPUS 2014

  • Best performance award for solo, OPUS 2015

  • Production award for a dance piece, OPUS 2015

  • URŠKAPRO dance battle, 1. Place, September 2016

  • NEIGHBOURHOOD VOL. 3 dance battle, 2. Place, October 2016

  • Award of Ksenja Hribar for a perspective dancer, May 2017

  • 21. FKM Beograd (festival of choreographic miniature): 2. place

  • 21. FKM Beograd (festival of choreography miniature): audience award

  • Top 16 Juste Debout Final France (Hip Hop and Experimental category), March 2018

  • 10 Sentidos Festival Spain: 1. place, May 2018 (Alien Express)

  • CICC Copenhagen: 1. place, June 2018 (Alien Express)

  • GIBANICA (MOVING CAKE) - Biennial of Slovenian Contemporary Dance Art: Audience award - Chorus 2019

  • Actor in musical (directed by Matjaž Pograjc): The sound of music (2008)

  • Actor in a movie (directed by Miha Hočevar): Gremo mi po svoje (2010)

  • Actor in musical (directed by Matjaž Pograjc): Do Nazga (the full monty) (Špas Teater, 2010)

  • Actor in musical (directed by Gašper Tič): Manjka mi manjka (SitiTeater, 2011)

  • Intergenerational Award for a duet, "poet 032", OPUS 2012

  • Performer in Musical “Urinetown”, director: Marko Plantan, Šentjakob theatre (2013)

  • Performer in musical (directed by Ivana Djilas): Pošast Pozabaaa (CD, 2014)

  • Choreographer and performer of LadyBirdorium performance, 2015

  • Choreographer and performer in Hidden Myth (interdisciplinary performance), director: Kristijan Krajncan, 2015

  • Actor in a short movie: In je takoj večer / And Suddenly It’s Evening (director: Kristijan Krajnčan) (2015)

  • Performer and co-creator in »MOMentarno Koln«, author: inability crew (December 2016)

  • Dancer: Zibka “cradle”, April 2017 (China – Europe project) choreographer: Gregor Luštek

  • Coreography: MGL, »Rent« September 2017, Director: Stanislav Moša

  • Coreography: SNG Drama, »Peter Klepec ali kako postati pravi junak?« , November 2017

  • Director, choreography, performer: »Chorus« Kino šiška, September 2017

  • Dancer: »Sen plesne noči«, November 2017, APT Novo mesto

  • Choreographer of music performance for children: »Na Dvoriscu« directed by Ivana Djilas, SLOVENSKO STALNO GLEDALIŠČE and DreamArt in collaboration with Cankarjev dom Ljubljana and SKD Tabor, September 2019

  • Initiator and director of "Cypher", Production: Flota Ljubljana and Urbana scena Ljubljana, Coproduction: Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, december 2019

  • Performance and choreography in Matija Ferlin: Staging a Play: The Glass Menagerie 2015

  • Movement advisor in Production of III. semester GLR, DI, and DSU

  • Sofokles: Kralj Ojdipus (director: Jan Krmelj) (AGRFT, 23. Januar 2016)

  • Co-creator and performer in dance duo: Neimenovano (unnamed) (2016) (Opus production award)

  • Co-creation and performance in “Just in appearance sometimes as everyone else” by Kaja Lorenci (Emanat 2016)

  • Choreographer of "Utopia" (Drama 2016) (director: Jan Krmelj)

  • Creator and performer of dance duo: Alien Express (PTL, 22. November 2016)

  • Choreographer of Merlin ali Pusta dežela (Drama, 3. december 2016) (director: Alexandar Popovski)

  • CICC Copenhagen: 1. place, June 2018 (Alien Express)

  • GIBANICA (MOVING CAKE) - Biennial of Slovenian Contemporary Dance Art: Audience award - Chorus 2019

  • Choreography: »Deklica s strunami« SNG Drama, director: Marjan Nečak, May 2018

  • Choreography: »Emilia Galotti« SNG

  • Drama, režiser: Igor Vuk Torbica, Oktober 2018

  • Author, choreography, performer: »Alien Express 2nd flight« Flota, March 2019

  • Co-director, Co-choreographer: Ambiental dance concert »Love me tender«, Exodos, Cankarjev dom, June 2019

  • Actor: short movie ”dive”, Directed by Kristijan Krajnčan, August 2019

  • Director of Urban dance showcase in the traditional Hip-Hop style: »Freestyle Cypher« produced by Urbana Scena, Spider festival, September 2019

  • Choreographer and movement advisor in »Triadic Ballet« directed by Jan Krmelj, in collaboration with Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana and European researchers' night, September 2019

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