Idea and authors: Alien Express; 

Dance, MC: Gašper Kunšek;

Concept: Žigan Krajnčan;

Actors: Nace Novak, Alex Tesch

Dancers and co-creators: Bor Prokofjev, Nace Novak, Andraž Prokofjev, Lia Lačen, Ian Lampič, Neža Dapčevič, Tibor Rožanc, Teja Modrijan, Sara Poček Conde Alex Tesch;

Music: Niko Komac »Nixon«, Bor Prokofjev »Borch«, Žigan Krajnčan

Cypher is a code, a way for dancers to exchange energy through movement. The dancers are positioned in a circle, while one of them dances in the middle. When he or she is done with their improvised solo routine, they offer the centre-spot to the next one. Dance is shared. No longer only a visual experience, cypher creates an energy flow of the individual’s impressions of the world and in touch with other dancers; relations are established — some smooth and some in friction, which is resolved through a so-called Battle. This world of dance is, in essence, a zone of co-existence. But Cypher is usually a closed circle of dancers, while the creative collective Urbana scena frees it of exclusivity through interactivity, central to the artistic concept of authors Žigan Krajnčan and Gašper Kunšek. Cypher is now open to the public, which will be included in the ritual on its way to trance and discoveries that reach beyond an individual self.

URBANA SCENA Ljubljana is a creative collective that created dance and movement center out of a need for development of dance culture

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