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After a year-long absence of his father, the son tries to reconcile with him on a solitary trip to the family mountain hut. The more he tries, the more distant his father becomes. When a sunny day is suddenly disrupted by heavy rain, son fears this might have something to do with his father. Can he find the strength to see the truth before the flood arrives?



Aleks, a teenager, and his friends go to a summer camp by the lake. The camp leader is quite annoying, taking scouting much too seriously. Thus he provokes conflicts, as the boys would rather have fun, hit on the girls from the neighbouring camp and swim, than learn scouting skills and constantly take part in all kinds of competitions. The situation in the camp keeps getting worse and the parents' visitation day is drawing near. The camp leader makes a cunning move and organises a scouting competition in camping in the wild, which requires small groups of scouts to spend a night on their own in the wilderness in improvised shelters. Naturally, Aleks volunteers to escape the monotony. Jaka, the camp leader's hypochondriac son, and Sleepyhead, a philosopher type, join him.




In a typical town on a typical day, a boy and a girl decide to commit suicide. No words, no apparent reasons. Their distant families don't even seem to notice they are gone. They are alone with themselves, in a car, on a clearing in the woods. But life has no intention of giving up. It persists, somewhere deep down inside, in their veins, in their eyes. He does not want to fight. She does. The evening is coming. Who will live to see it?


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