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Director, Concept, Vocal: Žigan Kranjčan

Piano: Marko Črnčec

Drums and Cello: Kristijan Krajnčan aka. DrummingCellist 

Acoustic quitar and electronics: Miha Koren

DJ, Electronics: Niko Komac aka. Nikson

Rap: Vazz, Sarah

Freestyle dance: Alex Tesch, Nace Novak, Bor Prokofjev,

Lia Lačen

Video & Light Designer: Borut Bučinel

Sound Designer: Jure Vlahovič 

Cover Design: Matej Ferlič 

Text: Andreja Kopač

Production: Indigo Festival

Coproduction: Mesti muzej Ljubljana, Zavod Exodos

Multi-genre dance concert, converting small amount of mass into large amount of energy.


New reality after / with Covid-19 needs a new 2020 platform. That is why a fluid experimental dance concert of various outstanding artistis from accross musical and dance genres and styles will take place for the first time this year at Indigo Festival. Fusion reactor concert of original songs from acoustics to electronics is a fusion of lullabies, ballads, acoustic pop, bossa nova, classical music, jazz, reggae, hip hop, rap, progressive neo pop, trap, house and boom bap.

The Fusion reactor's goal is a fluid exchange of energy between the performers and the audience, a constant fulfillment of synergetic effects and an increasing spread of electrostatic power (first initiated between two artists) in time and space – into a new common energetic space of potential cohabitation, which = the Fusion reactor. Let' s Hear! Let's See! Let' s Dance!

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