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Fusion Reactor is the name of the project, but also of a first music Multiganre album lead by Žigan Krajnčan.


Album would never be possible if there wouldn't be amazing people putting their magic into it.


Artists on board:

Marko Črnčec, Borut Bučinel, Kristijan Krajnčan, Miha Koren, Niko Nikson Komac, Rok Lopatič, Lojze Krajnčan, Vito Marence, Vid Turica, Ivan Mijačevič,...

Project is also a conversation in between music and dance, where music gets visual expression. Coming soon!

Subscribe, stay on board throughout this multiganre experience!

Supported by:

Label Nika


Štern Group

Zavod Exodos Ljubljana

Extended Slovenian description of the album can be found hereIf u wish to support the project in any way please contact us! 

First single of the album: Don't Keep The Love Waiting is out now! Listen on all platforms here!


Music collaboration between father and son, during Corona lockdown period. 


All vocals and Beatbox: Žigan Krajnčan

Video directed and produced by Borut Bučinel

Composed by: Lojze Krajnčan & Žigan Krajnčan

Lyrics: Žigan Krajnčan

Arrangement: Lojze Krajnčan

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