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The Workshop is my exploration of the following concepts: Body, mind, heart, and soul. We begin by exploring each concept one by one separately. 

As we experientially start to fuse these concepts an interesting phenomenon and recognition of empirical coordination arrives and offers an insight into our being. 


Body concept is a perception you build for yourself, where we put our focus on a physical body. I explore it with a fusion of anatomic functional movement techniques, Popping, Release technique, Groove (Hip Hop), House (footwork), floorwork, improvisational exercises where we work on our weaknesses,...etc.


Mind concept is a fusion of Imagination exercises, Somatics, Rythm exercises, Awareness coordination, concentration, Architecture of the body, style, genre, working with sight, control, of your moment,... etc.


Heart concept is an awareness in the chest, practicing it through emotional and connection exercises.
Contact communication (Alien Express technique), compassion exercises, emotional communication, ... etc.


The soul concept is while dancing, asking you to reconsider your believes and pieces of information that your body, mind, and heart hold. What is soul for you? What do you believe in? 


The workshop ends with a soft stretching and a talk.


ALIEN EXP (Existing presence) WORKSHOP

Alien Express workshop offers you to EXPand your knowledge as an improviser, dancer, mover, actor, artist. Žigan Krajnčan and Gašper Kunšek are EXPorting a method of the attractive abstract movement in non-verbal communication. The main goal of the workshop is to give the attendees another look and more possibilities on the craft that they are already doing.  Different terms of the EXP. movement offers various techniques and exercises in different directions:


EXPlore: Exploring new ways of moving through a fusion of different dance styles such as Hip-Hop, House, Popping, Animation, Krump, Contact improvisation, floorwork, release, functional movement, Butoh, Tao circle principle,…

EXPress: Emotional exercises for non-verbal/contact communication, in which moving together, is based on emotion.

EXPerience: Realizing, guiding, potentializing and learning how to make your own experience through performing. Manly working with imagination exercises.

EXPedition: Improvisation exercises and listening, where we enter the void of the unknown.

EXPanding: Grow bigger/better, through facing the weak points in your movement. Excercises made to find and excercise your weak point.


In our career of teaching, we encountered artists with many different levels of knowledge. From beginners to experts. We invite you all to take part in our workshop. If a wish or need, there is also a possibility to work in one direction of your choice. But most basic construction of our teaching consist:

1.    Movement/dance/performative techniques for individual growth.

2.    Contact/communication dance/performance principles for couples and group work.

3.    Improvisation

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